Home Loan

FHA loans have been helping people become homeowners since 1934. In Mortgage One Solutions you can find this alternative mortgage solution, made just for you.

Some benefits of FHA loans are

  • Low down payments

  • Low closing costs

  • Easy credit qualifying


  • Minimum Down Payment is 3.50%

  • Credit score can be as low as 580 with the same Down Payment of 3.50%

  • If Credit Score is lower than 580 we will require 10% Down Payment.

  • We do not need Income Taxes for a Wage Earner, we can use only W2's and Pay Stub to Qualify.

  • Debt to Income to qualification is the highest among all the other loans. Back Ratio can go as high as 56.99% and Front Ratio can go as higher as 46.99%.

  • Judgements, Collections, Charge off on Credit reports are acceptable most of the time and even ignored compared with other loan programs.

  • Medical Collections are completely ignored. (Unless they become a Judgement and they might need to be paid)

  • Program based on Overall Financial Picture from borrowers might accept 100% Down Payment as a Gift.

  • If a house needs minor repairs, We can do the Escrow option up to $5,000.00 concentrated on the repairs paid by the borrower, held on Escrow for repairs after Settlement.

  • If repairs exceed $5,000, we could do the FHA under the 203K program Streamline up to $35,000.00 or if more than that a Full 203K.

What does FHA have for you?

Buying your first home?

FHA might be just what you need. Your down payment can be as low as 3.5% of the purchase price, and most of your closing costs and fees can be included in the loan. Available on 1-4 unit properties.

Want a fixer-upper?

FHA has a loan that allows you to buy a home, fix it up, and include all the costs in one loan. Or, if you own a home that you want to re-model or repair, you can refinance what you owe and add the cost of repairs - all in one loan.

Financial help for seniors

Are you 62 or older? Do you live in your home? Do you own it outright or have a low loan balance? If you can answer "yes" to all of these questions, then the FHA Reverse Mortgage might be right for you. It lets you convert a portion of your equity into cash.

Want to make your home more energy efficient?

You can include the costs of energy improvements into an FHA Energy-Efficient Mortgage.

How about manufactured housing and mobile homes?

Yes, FHA has financing for mobile homes and factory-built housing. There are two loan products – one for those who own the land that the home is on and another for mobile homes that are - or will be - located in mobile home parks.