Alternative Path Toward Homeownership - 96.5% LTV

πŸš€Achieve homeownership through Ownership Equity with a 10-year lease agreement - Use and enjoy the home as your own. At any time you can buy the home at a price that was fixed when the contract was signed. 

Benefits: 3.5 % down payment (9.5% APR) 


βœ“ Time to improve your credit profile and apply for a traditional mortgage loan

βœ“ ITIN and DACA - OK

βœ“ Condos with FHA approved

βœ“ Modular and Manufactured - OK

βœ“ Primary home only - Owner Occupied

βœ“ At least one FICO - Min 580

βœ“ DTI 50/60

βœ“ Minimum of two trade lines of at least 12 months no lates

βœ“ 12 months acceptable case per case review

βœ“ Alternative credit such as utilities, medical, or housing expenses - OK

βœ“ Borrowers with No Credit Score - Case per case review

βœ“ 12 months of documented verification of housing history

βœ“ 2 months bank statements

βœ“ Gift Funds - OK